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Riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle

Why riding a bike is so absolutely awesome.

I guess it already starts out as a child. This first means of transportation translates in quite a few ways of feeling free. Right now, I am talking about the sized- up motorized thing as an adult. My mind goes madly wild all day long with trading and I am named the "fix-a- flat" which means that everybody comes to me with their problems and I do research all day long to help them out as best as I can. When on the bike it’s like a video game-it's about one’s life and survival-so my mind is than focused only on the here and now-on the video game of making it through traffic without losing my life-so all one’s mind is doing is focusing right here right now on the imminent moment and as such its better than any Zen or meditation or mind calming I tried before-riding a bike is absolute bliss since all one does is enjoy the moment and the wind in one’s hair. So almost everybody can have a few moments of ecstasy each day, given it has its risks, and experience instantly what some find hard to achieve with daily routines of some mental practice of trying to quiet one’s mind and living in the here and now rather than the future or the past. This isn’t meant as advice to risk one’s life in traffic but rather to share with those who have never ridden a bike about why those who have find it so satisfying.


About this book


  1. The reward

  2. Principles

  3. i Phone-the no communication device

  4. Reality distortion

  5. God’s mercy

  6. Riding a motorcycle

  7. 60/30/10

  8. Truth- sister of love

  9. Facebook and the matrix

  10. Less is more

  11. Depression and Fear

  12. The black dog and homeless

  13. Thinking from the end

  14. Education

  15. Food

  16. Art

  17. Money

  18. Imagine

  19. Freedom

  20. Universal growth

  21. When principles fail

  22. Planetary issues

  23. a. Investing

  24. b. Health

  25. c. Relationships

  26. Whatever works

  27. Anticipatory versus reactionary

  28. The flow principle

  29. Circle of the known

  30. 80/20

  31. The precautionary principle

  32. Nature

  33. Focus

  34. Children

  35. Just when I thought

  36. 180 degrees

  37. Counterintuitive

  38. Religion

  39. Power

  40. Problem shopping

  41. Quiet Desperation

  42. Man, and Machine

  43. App food

  44. Worry

  45. The good old times

  46. Synchronicity

  47. Looking back

  48. Men, and woman

  49. Attitude

  50. Mind creates matter

  51. Hope

  52. Limits

  53. Tipping points

  54. Silent solitude

  55. Process

  56. Quiet love affair

  57. Anticipatory versus reactionary

  58. Urgent versus important

  59. It’s not crowded on the top

  60. Singularities versus dualism

  61. Board meeting

  62. Time

  63. Saving Time

  64. Mastery

  65. All there is LOVE

  66. Repetition

  67. Principle- based living

  68. Happiness Principles

  69. Conflicts

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