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There are various theories about time and it is referred to as the 4th dimension. My approach here is only to state that we do not have a sense to perceive it in an accurate manner. That is not to say that we haven’t found ways to measure it and that many of us wake up just a few minutes or seconds before the clock rings in the morning which suggests that we have some sort of feeling about it, but we seem to not have a precise sense to experience it. There are aspects so that I find compelling when it comes to setting our individual past, present and future into context. If you start out with a goal or a dream, you know that you have come to an end, if you revisit its beginning. In other words, you know that you have arrived when your wish or dream is fulfilled and at this point all the parts in-between that were necessary are becoming clear, and their relationships towards each other do as well. As such these parts rationalize themselves away, end and beginning become one, and time is now irrelevant. One experiences true living in the present. Thinking from this perception describes the possibility of mastery. A truly blissful experience of what’s at times called “being in the zone”. A feeling of an absence of time, a pure alignment of behavior or no behavior, in unison with the universe. It is important to realize that time is in relationship to how complex the parts and their relationship towards each other are. So the higher the complexity the longer the time, like reading a difficult book taking longer, even if it has the same amount or words than one that’s easier to understand. In dissecting we are taking things apart and elude ourselves of the true whole, by breaking things into pieces. But in setting these parts into relation towards themselves as a whole we transcend the intellectual approach into an experience field that is in alignment with what truly is. It is these relationships that are the building blocks to have true experiences and a way to achieve desired dreams and skill sets to experience the world as it truly is.


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