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Truth - sister of love from Love & Life Ebook part 5

Truth- Sister of Love

My grandma grew up in a butcher’s family and married a sculptor. She was very straightforward with little embellishment and known in her circle of family and friends for her one- liners like “only the dumb ones freeze” implying to just take an extra sweater when leaving the house and not sure about the weather and what stuck with me early on as a child was “lies have short legs”.

I certainly have done my share of lying in life, stolen money out of my mother’s purse, took a bit too many drugs in my twenties and can certainly not be proud of everything I did in life but grandma still straightened me out early on enough to feel in my gut that truly messing up isn’t worthwhile the short-lived gains.

It might seem tempting to take a shortcut and bend the rules a bit too far but it doesn’t pay off and as such I consider myself lucky and proud to still be able to look into the mirror and grin a little knowing that I haven’t messed up so bad that shame would stare back at me.

This isn’t meant to make those feel bad that have crossed that line. Knowing how hard it was to walk upright and take the road less traveled by, by trying to live up to integrity standards that the world now doesn’t hold much value for anymore as it seems, I rather mean to encourage everybody. No matter what the past might have been, connect yourself to a life style at all times to embrace a force that rewards one with just such more intensity of a good feeling to have done the right thing.

In a world where shortcuts are temptingly offered rather than to delay instant rewards briefly to earn whatever one wants or needs in a way where the earned just feels so much more valuable. The weight of truth outweighs anything and even if that path at times seems to be the one with pebbles in the shoe, reaching one’s mountaintop feels so much more glorious.

My grandma if reading what I wrote would just shake her head since in her generation going about one’s way of doing life’s business would be naturally guided by such principles and call my arguing here just mind- waxing. I do feel like in so many aspects so, even the clearest and most natural instinctive behaviors of right or wrong or otherwise deeply ingrained logical procedures, have been diluted by distractive advice through various means like media or simply a hectic lifestyle that seems to have confused new generations and masses of individuals. So, I rather risk being the fool iterating such natural principles rather than assuming that everything is clear to anyone.

(“Never assume” has to be a guiding motto to myself realizing that assumptions are often the root of misunderstandings in communication.)

Isn’t the millennial generation in a way burdened with a belief that it doesn’t really mean much of how to make your first million as long as you make it before your 23rd birthday and that the cost to such achievement is irrelevant as long as you got the bling fast and ideally not in the millions but billions and if it requires to sell your soul for that, that would be just fine?

So, maybe a younger reader might have stumbled over this book and I simply wanted to share that earning one’s share of life joy and monetary reward through a skill acquired that no one can take away from you is way more exciting than the actual dollar amount in one’s bank account.

It feels like an obligation and a privilege in fair sharing of rewards with those who paved the way to success alongside and then enjoying the glory through the awesome feeling of reaching goals together. Experiencing failure as a true opportunity to learn something and overcoming obstacles while experiencing growth and expansion are the most natural laws of the universe in addition of feeling quite marvelous about taking new and second steps to one’s dreams realizing that the path itself is the meat of the journey rather than the arrival, grants one a depth of feeling free and truly satisfied on a much deeper sphere than all the short- lived joys that cash can buy you.

Money gives you choices. Self-discovery provides true freedom.


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