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Depression and Fear --- from Love & Life Ebook part 6

Depression and Fear

We being pleasure- seeking and pain- avoiding motivated creatures makes us more than susceptible to purchase anything that helps us to overcome of whatever we are made to be afraid of.

If it is beauty products where advertisements make woman afraid of aging or insurance against all and everything bad that can happen to you or any form of necessary upgrades to not feel left out and feel left behind.

The money monster is trying to get us by telling us in commercials that we have to be afraid.

This is what makes us depressed since fear and depression often goes hand in hand. Truly being content with what we have and letting go of information and a connection with the people we love versus the things we don’t need would be the cure of loneliness and isolation.

So, goods and the so- called progress is what drives us to this introverted behavior of being isolated cells afraid of almost everything, even ourselves, and the pharma industry nicely gets their share out of that final state when symptom treatments have transgressed to vicious cycles of overmedication causing illnesses themselves, as well as offering instant solutions through pills in a world that promises instant gratifications in all our desires.

Instead of building confidence through hard work acquiring skills something no one can take away from you and as such nurturing the need of security, we acquire dysfunctional behaviors by being constantly triggered on instinctual behaviors like the fear of missing out where lines of people stand before stores on new release dates of new gadgets. This to simply being able at work to say: “I got it first” =I am worthy or telling what TV series they watched last night feeling “informed” about worthless imaginations of importance at watercooler talks while all we truly crave is some sanity gained and love exchanged in a stroll with a loved one through the forest. Doesn’t this beat time at a phone store after an upgraded purchase that doesn’t mean anything else but hours of familiarization of the new manual and functionality upgrades that cause us to work harder on understanding the things like apps that aren’t helping in most of the cases.

This form of so- called progress provides a small world to be able to escape into being afraid to reflect upon our disturbed inner worlds. These constant distractions aren’t helpful to support insights or finding peace of mind but are mere reactionary behaviors of wise advertise firms having managed to keep us in a constant vise of the belief that we aren’t perfect and that there are answers through purchases of how to make us feel better which result in nothing else than feeling more of a lack to not having all the things that we need for true happiness.

So, ask yourself how many gadgets you need and what you do with them and if a phone truly needs to be more than just a device to reach the people who you love, and instead of mastering the applications find time to spend time with those who care.

In the end, we are all alone and when you are sick it is likely the clearest point realizing that truth.

The next best thing is knowing that there are people who care enough to visit you at a hospital bed in these desperate moments and that investing in these relationships rather than in closets full of items. Investing in one’s health, principle- based, rather than spending the last third of one’s life bedridden might create much more happiness in one’s soul than running after the next best thing advertised.

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