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Life outside the box

When you shop online you check the star rating to gauge the quality of your purchased item. When you go out to eat you might check on yelp other customers ratings, when you enjoy your social media you are excited about your thumbs up and truly what we have been conditioned to give quality to experiences by numbers. Everything is in the confines of a box or a number or a value and as such everything is measured in a way of "what did I get out of this”, “how much is in it for me" . How much dollars are in the bank and how much things cost and comparisons in any and all ways constantly to gain a certain feeling of security or value or meaningfulness and all these confines are within this box.

It has become so obsessive to get any and everything measured and evaluated and however difficult it might be we rate and measure it.

When you made love to your spouse and are in absolute bliss you are not asking yourself of how many stars you give the performance or from 1-10 of how you feel. When you watch a sunset you don't compare it to the one of yesterday and compare which one was more exalting.

When you enjoy a truly meaningful moment in any way it isn’t confined into this box of numbers and restrictions to be measured on how well this moment is on a dollar and cent or measurement basis .It simply is.

And aren't these moments of true bliss not so much more than the moments of short-lived shopping experiences or comparisons of ones cars value to the neighbors.

Are we truly heading in the right direction trying to analyze anything and everything which requires dissecting things into smaller components and as such losing the whole and complete experience of their existence?

A monetary dominated system has become so overwhelming in its overpowering dominance of trying to rationalize everything through the box but the box isn't happiness.

Happiness is freedom from the confines of a limited experience field. No one truly wants to live in a box-We all want choices but choices from 1-10 aren't choices it is a limited field of 10 flavors and leave the creative mind stifled within borders that others have created.

Choosing to live outside the box is choosing to not label any and all surrounding experiences, but rather allow for flow of good things to come to you with an effortless acceptance that we are deserving in love and adventures, which are beyond boundaries, boundaries that seem to give us choices but truly are nothing but numbers in a box.

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