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In my opinion, it is always a society of poor health where education gets less and less funding and it seems ruthless to me to not invest in the greatest potential of the future of this planet- its children.

This isn’t a political blog so and I didn’t choose this chapter’s header for the reason to rant about issues we face right now in regards to this subject in terms of monetary or political opinion.

It is worth examining a principle view where the future is heading with this subject matter. Looking at the figures that once educators and doctors were the highest paid ranks, with a rare mix like let’s say a flight captains out of new developments in science, we find ourselves in a quite different environment now. Not even engineers are leading in this progress driven society anymore.

If you want to be paid handsomely you find yourself rewarded generously in either a partnership of a law firm, as a trader on Wall Street or maybe in a Silicon Valley firm coming up with new ideas of app development looking for a niche that hasn’t financially exploited yet. Now this isn’t far from common knowledge so but what might give a spin on things is that in two out of three of these professions employers do not look any longer for educated personnel anymore but rather hire fresh blood right after high school to mold in-house realizing that change in the new world has become so fast that by the time intensive college would be mastered the young recruits are already molded into a form of not truly being flexible enough any longer to handle challenges newly confronted with.Let’s take this approach a little further.

We are coming from postwar generations and last millennia born, needing nothing but skilled workers and those with a solid education, all the way to millennials with extended knowledge since we accumulated quite more material to tackle with the last hundred years of added new wisdom. We find ourselves now in transitional periods evolving so rapidly in shortened timeframes and need quickly to adapt to new circumstances and difficulties, that most likely sending your child for expanded periods of time to a regular school system is not increasing the possibility of that childes likelihood of a solid career

.What supports a view like this is the logical consequence of underfunded school systems lagging behind realities, new fronts and quite a few subjects being outdated for actual workforce challenges. The time needed to be fully equipped results in a laborer already in his or her 30ties to tackle comprehensive problem solving. I am certainly not an advocate of uneducated future generations, but from a pure mechanical aspect looking out for the security for your kids to not end up in a large underpaid workforce, the individual development of a child’s preferences, talents, passions and true destinations certainly could be beneficial to a possible early maturity to tackle life challenges.

A contributing factor seem to be school systems more and more changing into pure business models, who extract large sums of money hard to recuperate from those seeking these lengthy educational routes. While this is certainly debatable and being a challenge of the future, of how to be mastered in principle, I find that adding on an educational degree, where an adult pays in the neighborhood of a 100grand for a three- year degree to think of him-/herself upgrading his or her CV for possible future advancement in a corporation is obsolete. The recovery of such educational expenses is not in proportion of the probability of advancement in the system. I am speaking only from a perspective of monetary advancements or positioning oneself in a society driven by monetary values and not in any way from true principle values of education itself. I find it imperative to stimulate discussion about a subject that is getting under the wheels as well as many other important matters in this society due to the urgency of new things to be instigated us facing a transition where capitalism finds its limitations most likely within the next 20-50 years. As such anticipatory engagements are necessary, over simply following regular paths that seem intuitively the right way for oneself or one’s offspring, but more and more counter intuitive thinking outside the box might lead rather sooner than later to a transformational phase, to help each individual and us all as a unified field.

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