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how to handle money management

the following is less a trick rather than a different view on how to handle money management versus the common practice's

i had a great week trading and see little edge for tomorrow in regards to my daily calls

while wall street typically pushes size and trade frequency when you as a trader on a good run I do almost the opposite

I over protect profits once i made them in unusual access and rather scale back

I shouldn't say that, I of course do common practice which is adjust position size always in realtime as a percentage of non related position exposure

meaning if i had a good run = profits added to the overall trading capital than automatically since exposure size is a percentage of total capital my position size also gets bigger

but not by much meaning I rather reduce position size if I do not see an edge-meaning just because i did well does not let me to believe this is a run and I should push it

if there is reason to believe that risk is small for a while due to harmonious swings or bigger ranges, that's a different thing

what I am meaning to say is that typical corporate trading that trades against the human grain and as such pushes portfolio managers to be more aggressive when they are doing well makes no sense to me while already banked profit protection does

if anything i feel like in a week like this with many trades taken and much energies spent it to be smart to not expose myself too much if there is a probability that I might make more mistake's than usual or are overconfident for no principle based reasons and as such drive myself into more a conservative and humbled position versus pushing myself



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