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macro silver

gold bears got a foot in the door and gold gave up a modest amount of profits this week:

silver contrarian to gold had a very bullish week

it had relative strength over gold and reached its multi month bull-flag distribution zone

in addition we can make out on the chart that not only are coming closer to the Apex of a triangle, but higher lows are in place (yellow lines) indicating an additional bullish edge

a quick glance the the gold to silver ratio shows the magnitude of last weeks divergence between the metals and still room for silver to move ahead of gold:

be aware of the possible magnitude of a move in silver due to its multi year compression, not only over the last 4 years:

but also over the last 14 years since its all time highs:

and most significantly from a target perspective for risk reward calculations its likelihood of a cup and candle manifestation for the 44 year pattern:



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