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The closing bell

The real work starts when the execution session is over!

Trading is all about planning your trade and trading your plan.

For a while now you have been following our Daily calls but where to go from here?

Once your trading session of your specific trading instrument is over it is time to evaluate your performance and the quality of your daily call

the obvious part is updating your stats of the days executed trades in an excel sheet and having a brief look if everything is within the norm.

To get a dataset that is meaningful you need to compare on how well you did versus what the market was offering.

A good starting point to create this comparable data set is starting to evaluate your anticipated daily call for the just passed session viruses what the market actually did.

Here is a questionnaire structure on how to reach a self-evaluation that raises the right questions for you to find answers to improve your game over time:

1.) Yesterday’s Call:

2.) Actual Call:

3.) Evaluation {Was I right? Wrong? Close enough?}:

4.) Check actual trades taken {W/L/BE):

5.) Check system trades

6.) Compare 4.) and 5.): {did I underperform, outperform, or equal the system?}

7.) Did my actual call protect me as compared to the system call?

We are after two goals:

1. to have a good hit-rate (accuracy) in the daily call predictions

2. to come as close as possible with ones execution skills to a flawless system trade execution


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