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We keep pushing

We keep pushing

We have a clear plan of what we need to achieve and what we want to achieve.

this statement includes the principle of a plan

a goalsetting of reaching much further

and a clear view of where one is coming from

in short, it is a statement that states commitment and owning the responsibility that there is an ultimate commitment to getting to what is required

Applying these principles to the momentary situation requires different action sets for different views towards the market.

A hodler, who approaches the market with a single belief, finds confirmation they are content.

In opposition, If you approach the market from an extreme risk control perspective, the first signs of caution are imminent.

Check today's double top in the S&P daily chart

Dark cloud cover formation on BTC for the first time in a long time

weak bounce on the daily chart previous distribution zone, now supply zone in BTC

rotation from "Give Back Fridays" to "Give Back Thursdays" and now possibly back?

"V" formation rotation from 15 min to 60 min to daily charts = weaker bounces throughout all markets

Volume analysis

Negative news getting less quickly shrugged off

Annual advances in 4 to 5-leg daily moves with staggering percentages "completed."

Daylight Savings destroyed chart clarity.

Halving event statistical probability of a BTC dip

overbought time frames

overshot all-time highs

crypto subcycle money flow rotation cycle nearly complete


Now I am not trying to make a case here for the bears, far from it.

Yet I find money management adjustment, trading size adjustment, and overall conservative risk control measurement should be according to where we see prices are heading and how the risk structure has changed for long entries.

Personally, we find the quad exit to be a prudent tool application for risk mitigation and right now the markets are in a profit-taking zone not one of opening large size new positions.

Emotions of FOMO, greed and uncertainty of where the market might be headed should be mitigated since emotional trading is one that makes market structure perceived in a misleading way.

In short, yes we should push

for most the "push" ends up to push their emotions into consistent losing streaks

push for clarity and a process structure to trade a principle-based plan is the only way to consistent results.



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