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winners move forward

Trading is an endless path of hard knocks, and the only way to stay on top of this game is a determination always to move forward, always to get up, and to operate from a state of humility. This last aspect is essential since only humility allows for more room upward, and humility is a great base to push forward.

It becomes, at some point, almost unbearable to own all the failure since there are no breaks in the trader's learning curve. In principle, you can only overcome your failures by owning them. As such, humility is one of the very few methods or better said beliefs from which you can heal to overcome this forest of hard knocks and still push for new milestones and new highs, and better plateo's to reach a better version of yourself and a better chance to either become consistent for the first time or stay constant.

Now how do you accomplish a successful path forward?

One way is to realize that you are a coach of a team of various aspects of parts of yourself and that all these parts need integration.

So let us say you are a father and you are a risk taker, and you are bad at math and that you are creative and that you are emotional and that you are good in following rules and that you are at times melancholic or even slightly depressed and that you are a terrible loser and that you are terrific in problem-solving and and and-than all these parts are a team that needs to work together to come united and strong towards the market.

An excellent way to strengthen this team is first to identify your parts.

Next, have regular board meetings (find a quiet space and close your eyes) where you ask and listen to these various parts of what their needs are and mitigate/ compromise to find useable solutions on how to bring strengths and weaknesses towards the market and if a part is unsuitable for the market promise to reward its needs at an appropriate time. Do not try to erase parts or be too harsh with them-every energy fights for survival-but instead, seek out integration and a unified field.

Often just the awareness and acceptance of a part improve the situation immensely. This is a gentry and respectful process and can take a bit of time, but it is one of the various ways to come closer to your goals.

Growth happens outside the comfort zone. Trading isn't a hobby, isn't a pastime after you retire, and is never getting comfortable since growth is a daily requirement in trading, no matter at what level you execute trades.

And growth is never comfortable,

but winners move forward.



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