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Aside of a clear road map for personal development, KK covers all key aspects of an advanced trading skill set. His outstanding trading experience is mainly principle based and therefore applicable across different asset classes. As risk management always remains key in trading, KK’s methods help to control risk and manage positions while preventing psychological pitfalls. All advice given by KK throughout the sessions were highly appreciated by myself and improved my view about the markets and my consequent trading quite effectively. I always enjoyed my sessions with KK as his outstanding motivation and humor contributed to an enriching learning environment.

Marc Schurer

Coby gives inspiration to everyone who is willing to learn. He has refined skills, knowledge base and risk mitigation in trading in a level it is difficult to find nowadays. Besides that he is a great mentor. Professional in the deepest meaning.

Aleks Mart Vaksmaa

Coby has a gift of seeing patterns in a deep sea of trading data. This combined with his broad knowledge of technical indicators makes him a good candidate to consider when it comes to consulting



I am lucky that I have been recommended to this high level of crypto trading channel.  I have found  Mr. Korby in the trading channel to be highly knowledgeable in this new volatile crypto trading.  His collective strengths are his awareness, patient, timing, high level of concentration of  entry and exit strategies. Its unmatched what I have see from others. 

Harout Muradian

Korbi has always been like a mirror for me. You look inside and there is some deep truth speaking: the narcissist unmasked, the whining revealed, bad behavior deciphered, solutions worked out. Help for self-help is what he gave me, getting influences from various fields: cooking, drumming, Kant, the Dalai Lama, comics, nature. If you are ready for something deep and genuine and pragmatic (self-)work: Korbi is your choice.

Simon Schneller

German media innovator and entrepreneur, working at the interface of web-journalism, marketing, media research, new technologies; art and money

Coby is very elaborate and open. Dedicated to and clear about his technical analysis. Sharing and supporting an ever growing community. Thankful for your service, Coby! Respect and regards!

Bernd [X] Hugelmann

Developper and Inventor

In such a short period of time I have taken my trading to another level. Coby is not only an amazing trader, but also takes the time to answer questions with in depth descriptions and principles he has developed. The chat room is incredible! There seems to be no boundaries with his knowledge as he executes trades, and explains his thought process. I am incredibly grateful for such a giving person, that is so positive and focused on guiding me and others towards not only success in trading, but success in understanding ourselves to become efficient traders. Thanks so much!

Israel Moreno

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Coby for his tiring and awesome trading work in this well educated channel - he even made the bear season interesting and worth a lot of trades - his nose for the right trades is amazing, awesome timing and awesome recommendations - thx a lot for everything!

Christian Niedermueller

Very friendly and respectful exchange of thoughts on Crypto Currencies with excellent trading advice.

Bernhard Fritz

I would like to thank you, Coby, for all your competent insights, published live trade signals and value that you provide to this channel.

Bernhard M.

Coby from the Midas Touch Consulting telegram group provides exceptional technical analysis of a wide range of cryptocurrencies. He presents his TA through text and many images, which has really helped me increase my TA knowledge, and his suggestions are spot on!

Tom Lynch

"Coby" is amazing! He doesn't post his trades in hindsight (like most do), he does it real-time and  he also takes his time to explain why he entered a trade and answers every question on it. If you ask him something he is going deep into detail, often per PM. He proved to be a good person by taking his time to help with personal issues, every trader will face one day. Needless to say that the value he delivers is huge and much appreciated. Thanks Coby!

Paul Dieter Calm

When i first start trading cryptocurrency it was a jungle.  I  was afraid of the crazy volatility.  Being part of Coby's channel i was able to see live working trades with low risk. This helped me to place better trades with far more less risk than i was taking before.
I m trading much more vehicles  now and have better result

Teddy Marie Luce

"Coby is one of the best technical analysts and traders I have ever witnessed in  action. He is very disciplined, skilled and also a great teacher".

Fabio Bossi

" working with Coby is efficient and produces the desired results-highly recommended"


It has been an educational & learning curve being a part of this group.. It's amazing how Coby has been able to master the entry n exit points in all time-frames..he works like a bot, a real trading pro in my opinion.

Jai Taparia

The Midas Touch Consulting Channel provides great insight in trading opportunities regarding the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is really exciting to see traders like Coby that provide on-target calls at any time of the day.


Coby’s mentorship has been indispensable to my growth as a trader.  Completely skilled and passionate about what he does, Coby not only unveils the secret principles applicable to all markets, but also offers a practical approach to trading and life that can be instantly implemented for real-world improvement. His advice and mentorship have been invaluable in my transition from futures trading to cryptocurrencies. 

Matthew Sanders

"you're amazing to watch-feel privileged to be in your group watching a master at work"
"you're like a God to me in this world of trading"



I found this channel by a chance and I have never thought it will change my understanding of trading .In the beginning I was amazed how trades were prosecuted ,in good timing with consistency and discipline.Soon I learned that the most important thing in trading is your mental state in the time of executing the trade. After a few months of observing Corby in action and taking seriously his advice ,I was able to double my everyday profits .Now I feel more confident in my ability to trade and I know that the future is bright !!! Thank you ,

Marek Ambros

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