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The precautionary principle

The precautionary principle

Seriously-they dared calling this a principle-

well there were times we thought the world was a round flat disc and that one falls off the rim coming to close to the end of this flat surface, but I thought science has a bit progressed since then.

Applying this way of thinking basically states that it is prudent to think the worst and then anticipatory deal with it in all consequences without factual proof ahead of time.

Now you the reader knows already that I am all about anticipatory behavior that is thought lead, or even intuitive in nature versus being always too late.

Imprisoning people on the notion they might do certain things in the future, leaves the accused without any chance to prove his innocence, and makes the person in the room who has the darkest fear- based predictive nature, the ruler of implicating others or events as he /she sees fit.

I cannot find any merit in such behavior being called principle- based.

There were times when our leaders in government inspired with creative thoughts about a bright future to the benefit of all people, but we have shifted to give more power to the imaginative force of fear now.

Such governments rule through their leaders by projecting the worst.

A crowd in fear can more easily be directed in the dried paths.

I feel compelled to point out that many non-truths are called principles, and that it is prudent, including all principles mentioned in my book through my awareness that I am not free of failure myself, to be questioned.

Questioned by each and every one for the truth and nothing but the truth, since truth is the sister of love, and love is all there is, everything else is an illusion.

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