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If you are still reading my posts under "writing" something might have evoked some curiosity, otherwise you would have quit, finding this repetitive and also accusing in nature or at least in some sort connoted with a negativity.

The least intent of mine is a negative structure of the items seemingly presented with a frustration or resentment or anything else describing a somewhat negative feeling -

Far from it.

The repetitive nature of the constant critique is nothing else but repetition.

Repetition is the mother of skill.

Repetition is chosen here for no other intent but to refocus.

To change ways of thinking or change a belief, one method is a refocus, a repetitive behavior, to change structures that found itself grooved into one’s mind and thinking.

Now I am also not intending this to be belief altering or in any other way manipulative in nature.

I am trying to refocus and provide an opening for each individual reader to make up their own minds and possibly replace non- principled beliefs with alternatives of true principles.

Even less arrogant I am hoping for a stimulation of contemplating one’s own options towards a road of a more fulfilled life and a more self-directed life, rather than one being manipulated from the outside.

We are always to some degree victims of our environment. We do not have a choice in which century we are born, or what parents we grow up with, and social pressure can be one of the most hard to overcome, since circumstances , as one once wisely said “reveal a man/woman “sic.

But I am of strong belief that we can improve our minds and found that the times this material is written in, are one of great distraction. We live in a noisy world with a great number of our species by now inhabiting most parts of the world.

If you are ‘fortunate enough’ to live in the more ‘privileged’ corners of the world you might find yourself owning a cell phone, and an iPad and a desktop computer, and an iPod, a laptop, a Kindle, and an old Kindle, and another older desktop computer to describe just a few of the possible devices of daily household use.

You then might also spend most likely more time to learn new functions and new apps and new ways to sync your devices in some imaginary clouds, rather than simplifying your world by computers reducing your time spent with tasks that computers has the capability to manage more efficiently and faster.

So, if owning all these devices makes us bound to them and wastes time, why do we do that?

Why do we work really hard to earn the money to afford these units, if all they do is provide distraction, and labor for them to understand their usage and functionalities?

An easy escape answer would be manipulation by corporations for their profit, and this certainly plays a strong role, in modern slavery simply having found a different face/interface to manipulate the masses.

Working for items we don’t really need but think are essential to our survival. This way of thinking would be the easy route out to place responsibility outside of us, versus taking responsibility and to see of how accustomed we have gotten to stimulate ourselves to avoid focus.

Ask yourself how the imperative moments of your life-let’s call them imprinting moments-those where you are in absolute bliss in absolute unison with nature look like.

Those times when you were feeling complete and joyful and for moments in absolute alignment with your purpose and with your existence on this planet. Weren’t those moments of absolute focus? Like the birth of a child or having overcome a hurdle like reaching the top of a mountain or an otherwise difficult task physical in nature.

An achievement of some sorts like winning a price or medal of outstanding achievements or mastering a skill.

Didn’t these magical times evoke goose bumps down the spine when viewing an enchanting landscape or observing a fellow human having mastered a skill and performing that skill live in front of you?

Through arts like listening to a magical piece of music or finding yourself before a painting that evokes deeply inside of your emotions strong in nature.

Observing children in their childlike uninhibited ways of enjoying life totally focused on the task they engage in with utmost joy.

A humorous event, an event of love and the feeling of love and the encompassing wonders of bleeding the borders of one’s own illusionary perceived ends of one’s body to a wider range and becoming one with another by full empathy and compassion in acts of forgiveness or acts of pure love sharing.

Ultimately manifested in the participatory dance of creation and of physical exchange of love in the many variants this can be performed and celebrated.

Aren’t most of these experiences accompanied by focus, by taking time to choose a thing and spend one’s time only on this one thing right now?

Choosing and focus…

So, I spare you the lengthy ways of illustrating that I believe that a world where we constantly try to distract ourselves with an exposure to a wide variety of devices, information, etc., that pretend to offer us choices where truly all they provide is distraction.

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