top of page - ALL stemians will be rich

well not exactly all of them but all 300k members who are registered right now

isn't it so much more fun than instead of producing valuable content for FB which than sells this content for profit to advertisers who than spam you with advertisement to rather write on and get paid for it

isn't it logical that everybody will eventually like this more

just see the potential of now there being 300k of us and 100 million FB subscribers as possible people migrating from FB

so don't focus on nickle and dime your SBD up but see the true potential of f.e a bitcoin growing from last year 500 to this year 4500 being replicated with steem in way lager dimensions

why? well think of it it's just logical when we had the internet revolution those smart enough cashed in it was logical that Amazon and Ebay would make it by offering a true value anybody liked it's also logical that when fuel injection came out any carburetor specialist is out of business

we all had an AOL account but it simply got replaced same thing with Facebook any of you still posting much there

so the bigger picture is where the focus should be that's why Microsoft had the most Millionaire secretaries

creating a fellowship and producing good content will pay off hugely on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the breakthroughs will be in the security sector first since any and everybody wants security even banks- so we wont be having explosions in crypto currencies first since it will take a while till central banks will establish their own

having a long breath is imperative and there is niches like Nvidia who produces the chips that miners need or shopify when it allows bitcoin where one can make a quick buck

but a replacement of FB by steemit will make all those working on it hard right now "millionaire secretaries" and than some

(what the internet revolution was than the block chain revolution will be now)

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