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outside the circle of the known

the largest potential for a revolution and a quantum event always lays in everything outside the circle of the known - obviously not my picture-just borrowed from the internet to illustrate the perfect visualization of this principle

Circle of the known

I am sure you have all heard of these three steps one has to go through if on a path of discovering something new. First when sharing a hunch or a factual new discovery others haven’t heard of yet, one finds oneself ridiculed and at the spot of disbelief by others judgments. Second if one persists with passion to break through the crust and puts an umph under the verification of the unknown material, to collect evidence and further explorations into unknown territory, one finds resistance of a larger force. In many cases it can get dangerous since the crowd fears change so much, that it rather works hard on avoiding having to look in such a direction of progress, and try to stop, even by force, those who are willing to risk even their lives for such developments towards the unknown. The final third phase in the progression, when the new is accepted by the masses, instead of praise, the person daring taking the first steps and overcoming all the antagonistic forces for his or her newly found, isn’t honored but simply ignored again. Now the crowd claiming this is nothing truly new, rather common and accepted as if had been always there. So, from an outside perspective the journey into the new and unseen doesn’t seem such rewarding of a task. Even so dangerous at times, from an inward perspective rewards are bountiful, since in alignment with the universes true nature or continuous and never- ending expansion. One can feel how one is aided by these eon old foundations of nature’s law. One way of easing this path is holding back a tiny bit of one’s excitement towards new discoveries. It is hard to do since only true passion leads outside the circle of the known, but with holding back a little the additional doubt introduced by those who are more fearful about progress and change is eliminated. One’s own doubts are quite a handful already, so letting the wake behind the boat show others the trails in the snow for either to follow, or rest in their comfort zones, until it is time for them to accept that nothing ever stays the same.

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