July 6, 2020

That is the typical cycle of breaking your own discipline in trading rules. First you swear to yourself you would never run a stop. Than it starts out you rarely do it anyway and are very upset about it. Soon rarely becomes sometimes. And when sometimes turns into always you are devastated on the ground not knowing how you ended up here with all these good intentions. This can go...

July 2, 2020

The founders of Midas Touch Consulting meet regular to measure the highest probabilities of the future market. We focus at the big picture. Usually, the latest and greatest, meaning recent events  shape and reshape this outlook. Not this time. Quite the contrary. We might all agree that there is a high likelihood of a devaluation of fiat currencies at some point. This based on it...

June 30, 2020

When reading fiction of time travel into the past or watching movies about time machines one theme dominates. The people who travel back in time worry immensely about how their behavior alters history. They fear about all the consequences of what they do when they are in the past, that will happen in the present. Nobody thinks about the huge consequences that much of what they do...

June 26, 2020

Time relativity errors occur typically after long established sideways ranges. Meaning you get out to early of your trade. You waited a long time to finally be in your desired trade and even though everything goes perfect you want out really badly. The main cause is you are wired to behave this way. A bird fly’s hundreds of time to its food source to each time just grab one seed....

June 24, 2020

Why screen exposure and overall experience is so needed in the field of trading is related to the fact that the market has a high degree of variability. It takes years to have seen at least a good part of the various things the market can do. If you do not have this lengthy exposure then you will be surprised or in doubt or otherwise emotionally stimulated each time the market th...

June 18, 2020

Trading is often compared to professional sports. This not only due to the competitive element. To produce outstanding performance different methodologies are required to reach elevated performance levels. Successful market participation is not achievable through a cookie cutter school program. It is highly individual in nature since personal psychology is such an essential ingre...

June 17, 2020

If that be the case we’d be all rich trading the markets. No, what we are referring here to is pattern failure. Chart patterns have probabilities of how often they work. Most bet in favor of the favorable outcome of such patterns. Hence, the crowd, being surprised when a pattern fails, causes prices to run away. It can be very profitable to bet against the common outcome of a cha...

June 13, 2020

Wouldn’t we all like to know how long it takes till we make money on our investments, and how high prices will go? Most investors are already happy if they do not get stopped out of a trade. That is a far cry from what is necessary. One needs high quality projection tools to estimate realistic exit targets. Without these estimates being somewhat accurate, risk reward ratios for t...

June 10, 2020

Or not. One aspect rarely talked about is the psychological aspect on why there are so few winning traders. You might have heard about the trader who reached his goal to make a million dollars and  then lost most of it. Once the strongly desired goal was reached the underlying psychological belief to not be worthy of the money set in. Consequently causing self sabotage trading. A...

June 5, 2020

Trading and chart software provides many features. The ones most commonly used are alerts for extremes. Session opening and closes. Highs and lows of the day (week, month, year). Volume, range and price percentage spikes and so forth. Humans are drawn to drama in the news and extremes overall. It provides satisfaction to one of our most basic human needs. The need for variety. Th...

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