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Reality distortion from from Love & Life Ebook part 4

Reality distortion One thing to keep in mind is that we as humans are not equipped to see what’s real. In our limitation of only taking a brief snapshot of all the data coming towards us in one moment of time since it would be overwhelming to take in all the data presented from outside, we have a completely distorted perception of what’s reality. This is paired with the filtering of this data by a perception that isn’t capable of taking in anything that isn’t already inside. We spoke earlier of large ships not being perceived by islanders, simply not ever having been confronted by large vessels approaching by the sea. We have a hard time comprehending anything new and instead of lining up our minds with the principle that every moment is unique and an expansion of prior reality in a universe constantly growing and expanding we are wired to compare data from the past, and are convinced a new event is actually being a reoccurring event from a past experience. Being driven by beliefs that stem and are formed by such distorted realities we harvest constant disappointments by expectations not being met; expectations that in principle can’t be fulfilled by an ever- changing reality and an additional misperception by not having a sense that can measure time and its own inperceivable parameters. In summary, this should raise caution to what such an ill equipped make up in a single entity that hasn’t overcome extreme behaviors, fueled by fear and anxiety, greed and vanity might result in behavior and misled thinking and the actions resulting by this.

I find it advisable to contemplate such limitations and rather follow a combination of approaches. The deep-rooted intuition as to be found in grounded women who are filled with empathy and a fair value for all humankind for example, versus an extreme mental attitude lead by mathematical algorithm worship and an overall tendency to seek security in logistic thinking that in its roots has an education lacking anything not obvious to the mind even so we know it is the mind that is in principle mislead. This is one of the fallacies in our times where we worship logic over everything else, and wonder why there is a lack of overcoming obstacles. Miracle creation that has its roots in bending time through satori experiences often with an absence of the mind or as it so wisely has been spoken “most of mankind’s problems stem from the individual’s inability to sit quietly for an hour in a room,” would be another example for a useful approach. So, a contemplated humbleness and stillness of the mind with a moderation of the emphasis on the self and a listening and trusting to an intuitive force might bring society and this world at a time when we run out of time over hurdles, rather than exclusive mathematical exploration into a future that still provides the comforts of this world that we have been fortunate to experience over the last century.

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