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Counter intuitive

Counter intuitive Intuition is what we rely on most when it comes to very important decisions, and in most cases, that is a very smart thing to do. So for example, first ideas are often the best, and after long mulling and planning returning intuitively to first impulses, can be the best choice. When it comes to split- second decisions, falling back on intuitive responses to save the day, is the best move available. Certainly, trying to clean that open channel towards the universe, to be in line up with the ultimate juice and having a sound relationship between heart, mind, soul and gut, it is best advice, and to be able to rely on one’s own instincts. There is a ‘but’ coming so, as I am sure you anticipated, and that ‘but’ is huge. Some things in life are very much counter intuitive in principle, and it is those things where it is hard to overwrite one’s emotions, which often simply guide us in the wrong direction. Not all human beings have the same emotionally- based reactions to events based on conditioning and traditions, which are not all healthy ones and lots of negative experiences can be piled upon one another. This way the direct line to the once childlike mind is lost. That healthy core that is fearlessly and in utter trust to anything surrounding itself as much as it is vulnerable, mysteriously surviving much adversity by completely relying on its instincts. We live in a world where we get triggered to act instinctively, and it is wise to be educated about when the counter intuitive is to be relied on much more. It is warranted to be self-reflective and condition on one’s own behavior, to play along the games we play on this planet, to get along but with clarity, to know all the rules for the game, and then make one’s own rules, that are in alignment to win those games that matter to us individually. I was making examples in the investing section of this book, of how logical it is to have a positive expectancy. Having a plan of letting one’s winners run and keeping one’s losers short, but we have no intuitive response if we do not condition it ourselves. The way of thinking in probabilities can only be grabbed by us in an intellectual game, but not as an intuitive response given from birth. We have no tool to feel probability. I am aware that I am repetitive here in my example, but I find many people suffering from unreflect responses, may it be due to childhood drama, or otherwise hard knocks in life, which has them debilitated and unable to make sound decisions on an emotional level. We live in a society, where rewards are either randomly distributed, literally making us addicted in our responses, or postponed into something like a retirement vision. Fact is, once in a retirement home people more often seem to wither away, and all the savings in the world cannot compensate for a hard- worked life. If you are elderly and due to a health reason cannot even enjoy the money spending that much anymore, then what? So, a more prosper response is rather to enjoy each day, count one’s blessings and live in the moment like all animals wisely show us in nature. Suffering through overworked periods, with the dangling carrot of a brief vacation, that’s overloaded with expectations, cannot compensate for all the hard labor, as much as duty seems intuitive. I am opting that focusing on life itself, rather than its rewards, the journey rather than the set targets and far set accomplishments, for this to be possibly a quicker route to happiness, even if it might feel counter intuitive. Our children are the reminder that as much as we are forced in adulthood to focus, and as such limit our awareness field, that true happiness comes from an open mind, and an exposure to all and everything. Learning from, and experiencing everything, even so it might not feel as an adult quite as intuitive to do so anymore. The importance is to realize that some of our most thought out things can only be accomplished, if we do not act in an emotional or intuitive response, and that it isn’t enough to realize intellectually what a proper response would be, but rather accept that it takes hard work to condition the appropriate counter intuitive response, to break patterns of behavior that are not helpful in our progression through life. The most extreme examples would probably be found in intuitive responses of people with addictions. free book download:

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