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Easier said than done. You need to know what less is, so mastery can only result in starting with an expansion mode to find ultimate truths and, from there, begin a reduction process.

I often get asked what my workspaces look like, what software and hardware I use, what indicators I prefer and how I use them, what my setups are, and about my indicator settings- as these topics are more secondary.

I started like any other trader with a monitor or two until my office looked like this:

And luckily, I was able to reduce it to a smaller setup now:

For travel, four screens will do just fine

For execution, I use genovation besides the obvious mouse and keyboard:

Let's set aside, for now, to make millions on a tablet with one's feet in the ocean. (trading from a phone is iressponsible since screens do not provide accurate aspect ratios to see charts correctly.)

I use what I call an "ant system" as an approach which means I don't run only one mega computer. Still, instead multiple computers parallel since, as a trader, the most significant responsibility is risk control. If one machine strikes and a couple of screens go out, you are not sitting there blind or are out of execution options.

(As such, a network mouse and keyboard are imperative, as are some other tools to make hardware and software in alignment.)

Feel free to ask any questions about this or prior posts, and thank you for your time


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