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You can't hide forever

"Most of us spend our entire life in hiding."(sic Ad Astra)

And yet, this can cause all sorts of problems, especially in trading.

As humans, we are driven by two groups of actions:

scarcity based = pain avoiding

abundant mind = pleasure seeking

It is our beliefs that motivate us and direct our actions, and we follow typically six basic human needs:







You can already see a vast field of differently motivated traders and possible conflicts in their game.

A gambler might visit the casino to seek out massive losses to feel significant.

An extremist might believe that killing a tribe that, for generations, has inflicted death on his tribe is an obligation.

In short, one's beliefs are not necessarily principle-based!

Yet for a successful trading career, it is essential to not only be aware of one's beliefs and hierarchy in the dominance of one's basic needs, but one needs to add trading conducive beliefs and reinforce them and might have to step out of one's comfort zone by attributing trading conducive priorities of one's basic needs.

So if, for example, our intro, "Most of us spend our entire life in hiding."(sic Ad Astra), would apply to you, then you might need to do some work on lifting your basic human needs importance level of "growth" and "significance" until they meet in balance to the required urge for taking controlled risks,

An excellent example of discbalance when writing this article is traingviews representative brand personality on their front page Alex Honnold.

He is a highly accomplished free climber and a legend in his field. Yet a mindset allowing death as a probable outcome for each action taken is far from what's needed as a trader.

While the market allows a vast field of an individual's mind to explore, it is a controlled, moderate, and balanced mindset that will allow for consistent profit, not one of extremes.



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