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What is the daily call

At Flowtrader we are motivated by two main factors. 

Our actions to be principle-based. (principles being indivisible and truthful in origin)

And providing value to the ones we serve

For years we provided real-time trading signals to enrich our Telegram channel with the intent to instill within the reader confidence for his or her own execution. The confidence it being possible to consistently extract profits from the markets. 

We accomplished that goal but in principle, the value provided is limited by the fact that one can’t shadow trade other persons systems. One needs to have one’s own system to one’s own risk appetite, time frame, and psychological factors custom tailored. What trading it is all about is to be free and independent.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The daily call can be emulated and it can become a skill you own yourself. You can train this daily perspective towards the market and improve your trading no matter what time frame or system you are trading.

The daily call is a tool that rather shows what not to do than what do do and as such can reduce ones losing frequency. Imagine cutting even just a small percentage of your losing trades and the impact that might have on your end results.

It is like a filter, setting a daily tone to ensure to not find myself caught in the small time frame action and overlook the larger picture. 

Have you ever found yourself in three losing trades in a row, getting emotional, wanting your money back, and still adding a fourth and a fifth loser, to just ask yourself at the end of the day why did I go five times long on a trend-down day instead of just shorting the market? With the daily call, you have a higher likelihood to avoid such a dilemma.

The daily call guides, keeping you out of over trading and avoid having to attack a turning point with multiple entries and unwanted losing trades by picking the highest probability day for your positioning into the market. 

The daily call is a way to measure probabilities of what is most likely to happen in a day’s condition of a certain market and provides a guideline of what not to do.

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