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process of elimination

amateurs look for a price probability and see nothing but trees in the forest while professionals know that an eliminating process is a much more successful methodology

if ya buy a new blue car ya see ten times more blue cars out in traffic than before

looking for a signal, a pattern anything like that in regards o typical TA the same phenomenon occurs and the distorted field provides no value

so instead of looking for something a process of elimination is much more to the point of finding the high probability needle in the haystack

the blue car syndrome is a principle-if you have money exposed for a long trade lets say upticks become emotionally charged with hope , greed, or fear of giving up profits

the same way down ticks become emotionally charged with fear of loss, pain...

this distorts perception

the same problem arises when looking for opportunity-the process isn't a neutral one in regard's to energy

any solution to avoid this perception field distortion is useful to trading

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