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Core principles, those you truly can rely on, those that will never change, are free of the planets dualistic system that everything else is governed by; they are indivisible and have no opposites. They can be chosen to be one’s beliefs, convictions, dreams, hopes, fundamentally govern one’s thriving force to be followed and nourished by. Examples would be love, truth, silence …

The next tier can still be heavily relied on and bring great substance to principle- based living. In this category, one would find gravity and other laws of nature, but quickly we would get in a top down approach to levels acceptable to be questioned since after all we believed the earth to be a flat disc for a very long time until discovering its true nature.

The first to leave the circle of commonly known status quo knowledge, returning with fresh insights by risking venturing into the unknown, are the first to be ridiculed. Next, they are condemned and if lucky finally praised for their discoveries.

There is the thin borderline between insanity and genius and it is called results. For the truth seeker, brave enough to stretch him/herself thin and walk the road less traveled by, there are two ways to expand to the outer rim of the circle that encompasses everything known. From constant and never- ending work, or asking quality questions over and over and finding incredible passion and compassion to simply not accept the status quo and finding answers beyond the know, a process that can take a very long time where principles like ‘the devil is in the details” rule the daily stretch.

Or by miracle creation processes that are more along the lines of what the Japanese’s call satori; instant awakening; where the time component is irrelevant. The later requires an absence of self-inflicted filters and limitations, a true creativity and absence of scarcity and a willingness to allow the irrational and surrendering to larger energies and forces in play to be gifted by with the new insights. It is here where I can be of service as a mirror to the seeker of such expansions who wishes to reduce time (time being in principle, one of the very few scarce resources on this planet to the human individual, where we otherwise live in an absolute abundant never- ending to expand and changing universe). We are limited in principle to only perceive outside of us what we carry inside (like the Haitians literally not being able to see the arrival of the large Spanish ships by lack of ever having seen any large vessel prior at sea) and are fooled by a brain that functions on comparison while the true principle is that every moment is unique and we expand with every time increment into an absolutely new future.

One way of improvement through the jungle of confusions is true self-reflection. “Sharing of goods is division while sharing of thoughts is multiplication.” (Hans Albers) “A moment of hatred destroys eons of good deeds.” (Dalai Lama)

I have developed a skill of being a mirror to the truth seeker to hopefully support a shortened path and a slight lifting of the burden of a life lived with increased obstacles on the road less traveled by.

In trying to extract principles on a very rudimentary basis the “RED” system for critical thinking is one of the basic approaches-one recognizes assumptions, then evaluates arguments and draws conclusions. In my humble opinion, one should take the liberty to truly question everything including established principles if so desired.

This is very straight forward. Truth most of the time is just that.

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