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Facebook and the matrix

Facebook and the matrix

Not being the brightest kid on the block it took me some time to find the answer to my question of why Facebook was such a success. I understood the dynamics of its predecessor. Comparing profiles on campus of girls/guys and voting who is hotter than the next. It eluded me so of why millions of people wanted to spend time posting their personal journal entries and share those with the whole world-why would people expose their privacy and had such a desire to expose themselves ? I finally got it. It wasn’t about privacy. I wasn’t about sharing either-it was about the feeling of going on Facebook and finding yourself in a world to be made belief. This wasn’t people making journal entries. This was people escaping from reality by posting and reading fake vacation bliss and mall purchase excitements and anything else that was leaving out the true reality and hardships of life. It was the blue pill, like in the movie The Matrix. The perfect grilled steak and the oasis, to instead live with a lie but in comfort rather than facing reality and truth. And I guess it is those two preferences that different personas make for themselves. I say this with no judgment since who can say what’s more bliss: a perfect lie but cumbersome existence or a real dose of truth and all its consequences. In my case the answer is easy since I simply love truth, believing her sister to be love, which in my book is the summation of live juice and ultimate bliss anyway. But the red pill isn’t anybody’s game and I respect and by no means mean to offend any or all Facebook fans. I just can’t help myself and my yearning to find ultimate truths-principles-and walk the road less traveled by. It might be bumpy but in my world of dreams this still leads to the mountaintop where the view is endless and the rewards plentiful, and it won’t matter to me if its ever reached or in what shape or form it all will manifest but I am passionate about this journey and these lines are a mere tiny sharing of this path and hopefully an encouragement to all not just the red pill lovers.

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