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less is MORE

Less is more

We all enjoy observing others who are great at what they do and we strive to perfect a skill(s) ourselves. We know that less is more but this principle is initially for quite a while elusive since reduction is preceded by expansion. One needs to first gain experience to know how to reduce to the essence of things by peeling away all the unnecessary, and to replace tools, toys and gadgets with experience.

In music, they say after a couple of decades of playing scales to simply forget everything one learned to be truly free and flowing in one’s interpretations. In cooking you simply get inspired by the freshest ingredients available and give up on the cookbook/recipe. It takes time to hone a skill no matter what you do and the reduction of the unknown ideally leads to a freedom of expression since fear has less ground to nourish itself.

In competitive sport this can be observed, that once having made it to the big league and contracts are signed and the pressure to be part of a major league team subsides, athletes transform themselves in performance to a whole new level. They now play freely simply for the game-the love for the game- without the pressure to get that check or get that placement on the team.

It is then when thought is transformed to intuition and a surrendering of doubt to trust and an intellectualized process to simply following the flow.

It is this heightened awareness of achievement of something great that dissolves scarcity thinking and brings forward the new and inspired creations of reduced dense matter that has value to create and inspire. It is important that in times where a young generation is fooled into the desire to be millionaires by the age of 22 through an app creation or a .com wonder (most of all without any meaning of how to acquire the big bucks fast), that we remind ourselves that good things take time in principle, dead presidents on a piece of cotton aren’t creating self-worth and happiness.

A mastered skill makes inferiorities surrender to a feeling of accomplishment and brings forward the giants within and a meaning into one’s life.

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