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We are the only species with a longing for more after basic needs are satisfied.

While all animals only thrive for a full belly and once that need is satisfied are peacefully resting, we as much as we originally start out to also satisfy this need primarily, encounter a heap of challenges right after. So, while we are in basic principle very similar to animals we encounter choices and problems right after satisfying basic needs. Instead of one problem we have hundreds since the field of freedom is entered and the challenges and choices are overwhelming to most.

It is the head and the ego stepping forward to try to tackle emotions with a logical mind and as solutions arise only more questions are being birthed. It is this phenomenon of the right choice of approach and the longing for freedom that we failed so far to encounter with a healthy mindset, wrongly choosing of how to engage in this debacle. Isn’t it often surprising that in circumstances less fortunate when the focus is forcefully reduced towards just that primary need of a full belly of how friendly and peaceful people interact with each other and are way more soft-spoken and in alignment with each other and each other’s primary needs.

One could find logic that when it comes to survival like this, it rather sprung an environment of elbows and scarcity thinking since one of the most essential topics, nourishment, is at stake but quite the contrary. People become social and helpful and mostly hopeful in adversity. So why do we fail in all other circumstances that in principle point toward a larger realm of resources and as such are more abundant living environments?

We become more hostile and ego driven and start to replace hope with greed and fear and switch from abundant thinking to scarcity behaviors, right at the moment when we have a larger variety field opening up to shape our individual and collective freedom.

It might be worth contemplating a choice of different tools and way we approach this challenge. Creating a wider field of choices hence a freedom more colorful and various in shape. Reevaluating feelings and beliefs that are limiting to gain access to a collective freedom and one’s individual field of choices and embrace the ultimate goal of freedom-happiness.


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