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The black dog and homelessness --- from Love & Life Ebook part 7

The black dog and homelessness

I live in Los Angeles and it took me quite a while (I emigrated 25 years ago to the US) to get used to the amount of homeless people in this city-I wasn’t used to living in a third world country like this in this aspect. True capitalism brings out the worst in humanity not to say that it also might bring out the best at the same time.

I merely meant to say that Germany where I am from, with its small size and few inhabitants, with its social structure had at the time, and these times are over now as well, only very few people on the street and those were at their free will there. With a few runs to the government office and a few papers filled out one was provided a place to sleep and meal-provisions in my opinion that every earthling has earned as the smallest form of support in an earthly community of a developed species like ours capable of magical things like music and arts of all sorts.

Where is the compassion? To compensate for the guilt and need to get accustomed to such sufferings on the streets of LA I started small projects to make myself feel better and the worst discovery was that also mentally ill people easily ended on the street-People who can’t help themselves and also people who were no different than myself like a string of misfortunes and despair leading to a life without hope. So, I did what my own situation was capable of and am giving this chapter in the book room for a reason.

Having lived through some challenges of life and been stricken with a couple of years with severe depression and quite intense suicidal phases I wanted to make a stand for those feeling conflicted when giving to people on the street and being criticized. Some state that small donations on the street are actually fostering a life prolonged on the street. There are certainly points to the effectiveness on how to reduce homelessness in principle and most effectively but trust me when I say the most depressing and suffocating thing for all misfortune is scarcity thought.

Once one finds oneself in a low frequency energy thought pattern literally Murphy’s Law (if something can go wrong it will) extends to unsurmountable size and literally everything turns to shit very quickly. It can seem that there is no way out-the principle of mind creates matter becomes its worst nightmare. So any gesture of compassion in a person to person manner-any smile and friendly gesture and exchange on a human way of love and friendship-anything that makes the other feel worthy, loved, cared for, shared with, warm, tender, patiently listened to-anything at all of a human exchange to support a feeling-I see you-I hear you-I feel for you-I care for you is of absolute essential nature to break these patterns of feeling alone and isolated and without hope and is the utmost important step to make a difference in the person’s life that is less fortunate at the time when these interactions take place.

So, in my humble opinion, giving to the poor in an inter human exchange way of any kind is always conducive to a bettering situation and what we all need most is to be recognized of being worthy and cared for and a sense that one deserves love and someone happily giving it. I have great respect for any and all homeless people since they carry a heavy burden by carrying a huge amount of the heavy low frequency energy that societies produce due to the nature that we haven’t found more conducive society structures yet that would provide for all human kind. Their act of willingly carrying these burdensome energies deserves our respect and compassion and acceptance that in these times of still searching for better social structures homeless do a very valuable service of responsibility that needs to be acknowledged by acts of kindness.

(Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill were both stricken with severe cases of depression which they called the black dog and they committed to a pact to travel great distances towards each other when one of them was onslaught by the presence of the black dog and as such managed to help each other through extreme phases of despair and saved each other’s lives, so these principles of compassion do not only apply to the financial less fortunate)

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