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GOD's mercy

God’s mercy

It always seems that we are burdened with more than we can handle, and is it not that with regularity we find ourselves in Murphy’s Law or simply said when it rains it pours.

But is it not that these obstacles present to us opportunity?

Each obstacle overcome enriches us with confidence and more wisdom, humbles us and brings much more insight into our own makeup and is a lesson each time on how much we are truly able to endure and walk away from, and to surely reach the next mountain top from the valley of despair.

One still can find oneself within self-pity or even emotionally within the depths of hell when in valley of the waves of events, and one thinks that life is unfair and at times finds it beyond their ability to overcome the newly presented desperate- seeming situation but one thought might be contemplated on in each of these situations.

The thought that the often- unchosen positioning in such events is at all times a mercy of God in that light, that she presents us with the doubtless state of feeling ourselves not of this place and not forever doomed in such misery but rather reminding us through such confrontations that there is more, that there is the beyond and the pure hope and depth of a place that we truly originate from and shall return to.

It is this fair distribution of either the person who subscribes to a faith of any sort of religion or the agnostic that one can’t but being ripped out of regular moderate circumstance but can but not feel the beyond and larger picture of misery reminding us about ourselves and the right of no such suffering in endless endurance, but rather the blissful assurance that we shall be delivered not by a higher being but a reflection that we each in our own right are these higher beings or simple stated

we aren’t humans thriving for a spiritual experience but rather spiritual beings having a human experience.

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