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Yeah there’s that great song by John Lennon and I am actually that naive to dream of exactly such a future and find it to be responsible to have those kinds of childlike dreams thinking nothing is more responsible than being childlike.

Just imagine how simple, vivid and honest a child’s life is and its approach to things, with spending its majority of living in the here and now and expressing its feelings pretty straight forward.

Or along the lines of the Dalai lamas quote when he stated the principle:” A moment of hatred destroys eons of good deeds”. Let’s contemplate the vastness between a moment and eons as a timespan and the true meaning of how important it is to hold onto one’s temptations of emotional outbursts. You can have poured unimaginable amounts of love and trust into your partner or your child and can still wipe it out in a moment of hatred. We certainly live in a world where we spend the majority of our time not actually focused on getting things done but dealing with the cause and effect of these moments of hatred expressed. Think of how much time you spend in security checks where it isn’t too long ago that no one would have fathomed taking of their shoes and socks at the airport. How much time and money is wasted on passwords and logistics of daily chores to protect and secure privacy. Sensible documents to be shredded to not succumb identity theft and credit card fraud and hacked accounts and the list is endless, so long I will not bother you any further.

Instead of creating overwhelm I simply appeal on a small but steady commitment to return the found wallet and open the door for someone else. Exercise practices that provide a stable mind and a handle on one’s emotions, a reflection on ones beliefs and simply a self-reflected life that ensures that these onslaughts, which in their roots might be human but in their extent have become ridiculous in how much power we have allowed to hinder our own progress, can be caught in time, and diminished in their potentiality.

Love thy neighbor even if it’s hard and you will gain more than letting your rages run rapidly wild. Find compassion towards all and mostly yourself and your own limitations and weaknesses. Carry your heart in the right spot and follow its lead, rather than the lure of repetitive conditions offered through media and living a non-reflected life. Otherwise you are exposed to those who try to make a buck out of every, and all of your pattern behaviors. Simply walk tall knowing you are spiritual being having a human experience rather than a human being trying to have a spiritual experience and as such take full responsibility of your capabilities and leaving this planet in a better state than you found it in. This will not be the harder route through life, but instead enriched with so much more, nourishing these responsibilities and positive energies, attracting like energies.

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