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Money Sharing of goods is division, sharing of thoughts is multiplication (Hans Albers) came to mind again and I realized I was always a bit behind. It was the lack of resources that brought many ventures to a halt not just mine but many of my friends as well. I set out to put an end to this. Not just for myself but with the intent to bring financial abundance also to those close to me who were suffering being influenced by the 60/30/10 principle. They would rather spend the much- needed time to focus on the 10% part of truly creating the art intended and not being burdened by it being profitable. I had worked under employment only twice once for Curt Cress in Europe for a few years and a good year or so in Los Angeles as a dishwasher. Entrepreneurial ventures felt way more natural to me even with their uncertainties and challenges. There had been little influence by role models besides Miles Davis who had died 1991 shortly before me emigrating and Sergiu Celibidache who died 1996 for my- at the time musical career, but this time I was seeking out advice since I understood little about business and money. Anthony Robbins programs “Unleash the power within” and “wealth mastery” were a way to break into this field. It was the end of the 90ties and a new millennium dawning and one day of the 5- day course was dedicated trading the markets which seemed to be the answer to my quest. I quickly realized it being an art form without the selfishness of the artist, without a product to be sold or a craft being able to be hiding behind-no niche for excuses as a whole-a true challenge- a life of self-reflection. I had never expected that. Things are easier analyzed after the fact and in hindsight-but life just goes on and doesn’t care much for one’s details of making plans and dreams. I had been promised a brief 6- month learning curve but it took more like 20 years which is for any more complex skill a good measurement of acquiring mastery in regards to a time line. The devil is in the details and with trading the competition is like in professional sports. There is no room for first starting out to have a hot dog stand and then progressing to a small restaurant etc. One finds oneself right away up against MC Donald’s, and as such, as much as self-reflection can be interesting, one can feel at times to be a proctologist and it is excruciating to have to wait that long before some sort of consistency sets in and fills up the much wanted and needed basic need of financial security. All of this in times where money has become a religion and within a species that is the only one on this planet knowing greed. Any animal is content after a satisfying meal only us humans have this longing for more in the presence of satisfaction. So, the initial price of a complete loss of self-value, being consistently confronted with loss, and the need to condition counter intuitive human behaviors to come closer to principles in this field for survival takes a good chunk of a natural perceived life out of one. One starts to wonders why we have come to a state on this planet where the production of money is valued so much more than let’s say the amazing craft of a good shoemaker or baker or else talented and also equally hard acquired skill of any trade or mastery in any creative field. All this leads only, to the question of what to do with the acquired neutral energy form that we extract in the form of money. How much of the process has shaped one to either a force for good or made us without reflection to just extend the already existing nature of ourselves with more energy being able to be put behind one’s expressions.

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