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Universal growth

Universal growth Everything is expanding, everything is growing, and when it doesn’t grow it dies at some point. We see this everywhere in nature but still resist growth strongly in many occurrences. It is the resistance to change and discomfort of the unknown. Befriending the growth principle can alleviate a lot of tension, a lot of frustration, and provide answers and solutions in a quite fast fashion. Lingering with problems and focusing on them rather than engaging in action and forcing growth by simply committing to some sort of energetic release function, gets us stuck and blind sighted. We are doomed to walk forward, expand, explore the unknown and engage in cycles of renewal and as such it’s useful to condition any and all behaviors that provide evidence that we are in a mode of action and expansion. It is important of course to do this in alignment morally and ethically to not limit these expansion needs for others surrounding us or generations following. Even when lost for answers of where certain paths might lead, I find it riskier to linger, often motivated by fear and worry, to rather do nothing than partake in activity that provides chances of finding answers to questions and problems. We have committed to this over the last 100 years when it comes to science and materialization of things, but the rule of constant growth is meant to be followed in all aspects and I want to especially point out that we should employ the principle of growth in relationships and interpersonal communication. Value should be put not entirely on how fast the growth rate of industries or bank accounts are but also in how peaceful and respectful we treat each other lovingly since in my belief system at the end of the day we all long for some love and respect to receive and to give. We have come so far as a species in so many aspects that it would behoove us to expand our capabilities in all realms of life.

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