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Planetary Issues

Planetary Issues

The main three categories of problems on this planet are relationships, health and finance.

Now it could be speculated that this is because we don’t learn about any of these subjects in school or simply because this is the hard stuff, not as easy to be figured out.

Relationship issues are obviously the hardest nut to crack out of these three. Here we are able to compose divine orchestral music but in the same breath we are the most violent creature on this planet and I don’t even want let my imagination go wild of how peaceful of a coexistence our species would have and what this would mean in all aspects of existence on this planet if we simply would get along a bit better.

This by nurturing each other’s needs, wants and longings and simply following our hearts to share more kindness and temper our violent nature.

Health certainly isn’t that much easier of an aspect of what humankind struggles with throughout our history and as much as we have advanced in science over especially the last 100 years we are still far from living a healthy life on an individual basis.

The idea of making money is still the dominating goal, versus solving the complex issues about suffering, decay and the only limited resource on this planet which is time, the duration of one’s stay.

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