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From the three most predominant problems on the planet,

relationships certainly are the most urgent and complex one.

It is the most difficult subject matter on earth and will determine the future of our species in its progression or failure to do so. It was only days ago while I wrote on this subject matter that a priest’s throat has been slashed on the countryside in France by terrorists and since occurrences like these are so far out of reach of my emotional and intellectual comprehension I will not elaborate on such an example but it truly deranged me hearing this even so these news events are on the norm by now in the media.

It is less so that I think it is those events that are alarming but rather when reading classic literature from 200 years ago that all motives for human actions and interactions are to be read just as modern as if going online to a newspaper publication right now.

It eludes me of why even in time frames of this length, throughout a chain of generations, nothing and I mean literally nothing has changed in how we treat each other.

How we succumb to inner fears and scarcity thinking just identically the same. Or at times even worse through erosion of intuitive modesty and in extremity of emotional behavior translating in more and more violent and counter intuitive crime behavior and craziness.

Where is the progress in our treating ourselves and as such our neighbors and loved ones in a world that has technically progressed over the last 100 years to amazing standards? Why is our thriving so one-sided?

If all we experience is in the greater part the attitude with which we interpret events, and all we suffer is a derivative of beliefs, and if over centuries we have gained experience that money and power does not grant us a happier life but rather experience has shown that poorer communities find more common grounds on supporting each other individually, why has that not progressed.

Why have we not innovated just like the evolution of technical improvements and improved to provide more comfort and ease?

What is it that blinds us throughout millennia to abstain from such cruelties that we inflict upon our own species and ourselves.

In my privileged position of a halfway sound mind and a roof over my head and no worries upon immediate scarcity of basic human needs it has never entered my mind to intently harm another.

I am aware of the privileged situation that I have been born in and worked for but I still can’t comprehend why are there no general movements on a larger scale that would follow a more effective way of all human kind to be better getting along with each other, and as such derive benefits to each and all of us.

Is the longing for power and the cheap tricks of temporarily, seemingly feeling better, finding oneself in a little bit better situation financially than one’s peers, really all that we have learned over thousands of years, without integration of true principles but simply irrationally emotionally guided from blinding illusions.

I am aware that political systems, as established until now, thrive based on principles counter to such progression.

They, rather looking at educational methods for individuals to overcome such limits in belief and fostering an embracement of the single soul in a system, seek a conditioning of the mind in feeling ‘a lack thereof ’ and a constant need for thriving to purchase.

They supply limiting false beliefs with goods and actions in lower energy frequencies.

Since even the highest beneficiaries in such systems live lives under pressure and with inhumanly daily work hours not able to truly enjoy their hard- earned extra dollars, rubles, Euros, etc., why is there no end in sight to rather be creative in establishment of societies that have as underlying structures ways to nourish each individual’s longing for freedom and a sense of self without the limitation of worries of a dry bed, a loaf of bread, and a safe cave.

All this still including the opportunities of competition and individual expression of self to the fullest desire of each person but seeing clearly that these expressions aren’t in need of structures of pure exploitation and limiting in ways that benefit in my eyes to almost nobody.

Is survival of the fittest truly the only way as an enhancement of our species and are the extremes of self-mutilation in body, mind and spirit the only way as a progression into a future.

Isn’t it so lovingly shown by all other living creatures on this planet of how to build a future not only be manifested in cruelties and rudimentary behavior based on nothing but a heritage of wars and cruelties brought upon ourselves and history books to this days being filled with these horror stories and little more?

I have the utmost faith that this planet and this universe is based on a principle of constant and never ending expansion and as such the creative mind being a part of this system having the same capabilities.

A mind capable of producing a shift that will find more peace and freedom for each and all of us in a coexistence with lesser hatred and insistence on the need of significance where we claim as groups that certain ways of God’s interpretations supersede others resulting in endless quarrels trying to convince others by the sword that no other ideas can coexist.

Isn’t it time to overhaul such outdated ways of thinking and bring forward a more divine, more guided, more principle- based way of coexistence that nourishes our needs and wishes and wants, rather than bring energies to repeating limiting beliefs that are so ancient in the view of time.

It is shameful that we have been given such grace to learn so little throughout generations and have brought forward nothing but tools and toys to ease small superficial pains but have failed to come even a single step closer to the most important issue of all-relationships.

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