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Anticipatory versus reactionary

Anticipatory versus reactionary

Right at the same time, I had to drive in my car under a small tunnel on my way to school. It was a very small tunnel built many years ago only to allow one railway track to cross over the car lane. The tunnel was in middle of a 3- mile straight lane stretch of highway with a 100km/h speed limit. It was a single line motorway on each side and unfortunately this bridge being built at a time with much less traffic the passing was slightly narrower than the highway.

Over the years countless of accidents happened like cars crashing into each other right at or in the tunnel.

Many being fatal.

Endless discussions at city hall about to possibly expand the tunnel in width to avoid future casualties resulted, but nothing got done for a decade until an extremely cruel incident at the same spot finally got things going and the bridge got replaced by a larger one allowing more room between cars to pass under.

I am trying to illustrate, that as much as it is human nature in truly hard times, times of adversity, to get hopeful, following this instinct can be detrimental.

Reactionary behavior on this planet in viewing problems, not just like the big issues mentioned in news headlines but in all behavior, especially in shortsighted profit- based, resource wasting ideologies, versus anticipatory solution- based acting with a conscious in mind, that serves us all as a whole, seems to me more than just encourage able, but essential for the survival of our species (I wrote on my schoolbag than in my puberty: who doesn’t think-extinct (wer nicht mitdenkt fliegt raus)

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