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Look around.

Beauty- wherever the eyes rest upon.

In an amazing array of synchronicities each and every living creature, and to me this includes rocks and such things as well, is aligned in absolute perfection.

Nothing is left out nothing is stuck or in disarray- Everything bends and fluidly flows along time, and adopts to change and expansion with ease and a magical creativity.

It finds its niche without disrupting its surroundings, but rather uneventful, and blissfully, humbly passes from the pressure to set itself again in its perfect place of integration even if this would mean extinction.

Only the human race makes such a fuss about itself. We resist to change and find ourselves in need to be humbled by outside forces, rather than learning to adopt in a manner less painful and more integrative.

Why are we so stubborn, so resistant and full of ego? Why force ourselves upon this planet and ourselves, where all that’s coming from this is painful experiences.

And in a lag in manifestation, that causes much distress to our closest surroundings.

This ego captive between our ears is of such impertinence, that has caused so much suffering, that it baffles me that throughout time we have not learned more about our own behavior and even less acted upon the discovered knowledge.

A species that is already aware of principles like “Eons of good deeds are destroyed in a moment of hatred,” (Dalai Lama) and is creatively capable of writing symphonies and magical work in various art forms to please our neighbor’s senses.

A species with a connection to the divine that orchestrates our entire manifest world is still governed by its violence and fears.

Our greed and other low frequency motivations destroy on a constant basis in an unfathomable size.

We ruin with a liberty not just our self-created wonders but wonders of the world, that we simply can’t call our own.

These wonders that we cannot claim ownership to, we are responsible for. We have a respectful nature and a humble obligation to preserve, rather than influence in any negative way.

As much as the dualistic system provides miracles in its ways of renewal, and provides answers to questions, I think there are little justifications to behave in such violent manner of destruction and self-mutilation.

To me it seems questionable of how much further anything that surrounds us will stay tolerant to accept our presence. If we do not find a way to train our minds to integrate and adopt versus living in a boastful manner to please our idiosyncrasies in such selfish ways, we will not find a prosper ending.

We destroy without respect and accept our behaviors with a manner of owning the blue planet rather than seeing that we will be easily discarded, if not growing along rules that every child intuitively accepts and appreciates.

I encourage returning to these intuitive responses and looking inwardly instead of being driven by self-inflicted fears and giving way to them.

Why not taking a more humble stance by accepting our limitations and exploring seeds resting within that carry clear instructions of how to get along with ourselves and everything surrounding us. It would be a simpler and a wiser way to walk happily alongside others on this miracle of a planet within all its beauty and an assurance that future generations be enabled to do the same.

I hope these connections between heart and mind will find fashion among the masses again, to provide a daily beauty of existence for all of us, rather than a world governed by our limiting beliefs that we misfortunately have aligned not by principles, but elsewhere found context, arrangements illusionary in nature.

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