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Trading is composed of more than 95 percent of psychology. One's mental makeup, lifestyle, and overall well-being are the core of trading success.

We find ourselves in highly challenging times. After years of fear for our own and our family's health due to covid, we are now facing financial worries and bills surmounted due to inflation to staggering proportions. end in sight!

We are lied to by the press and are abandoned by the government with no leadership at all at a time most needed.

We find ourselves in a world full of challenges and rapid change, while most crave a status quo or at least a brief period of rest.

Most of all, there is no balance. You rarely hear good news from friends and loved ones; they are all struggling, and scarcity-based behavior outweighs any other ways to perceive life.

What you focus on expands!

This is a self-perpetuating rut that could be extended in time and magnitude.

That being said, I am reaching out to this community to be aware that, yet small right now, we are aiming for this channel to be one of peace, focused work, and, most of all, care.

The community's founders are in this with their hearts just as well as their minds and are willing to extend themselves to your needs.

We aim to maintain a haven where principle-based work is done daily to benefit the community and provide a sanctuary that, even though exposed to the financial system, is based on human ethics of care, stability, and friendly interaction.

We will create, not destroy - we will build principle-based work supporting each member to the fullest and hopefully provide for the group as a whole an environment of tranquility where trade execution is possible.

We are honored by your given trust and commitment, contributions, and precious time, and we will provide our best to serve you to the best of our ability to bring you closer to your goals.



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