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In case you do not find yourselves in the recent BTC up-move and are frustrated about it

or in general are easily susceptible to fear of missing out,

consider this:

being upset to not be in a move is preceded by an expectation that you are in larger moves

and than being disappointed when you are not

but when you think of it

the expectation is not principle based

why would you think you are in any larger move

this isn't founded on your system doing so

so these are wrong expectations

the right expectations would be to be lucky to find oneself in a larger move

that triggers the consequential reaction to feel lucky and great if one finds oneself in a larger move

and no FOMO when one witnesses prices going up without one

there is plenty of fish in the sea

it is just another trade

and with the right mindset one is open to find the next low risk entry spot instead of foaming at the mouth and chasing price



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