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While FOMO discussion can be found in ancient texts, it has only been in the limelight since the social media revolution.

The bragging and lying of people representing themselves as skewed has brought this emotion to the forefront for many.

Our need for meaningful connections has also suffered through the evolution of the internet. Instead of cultivating gratefulness, we find the grass greener on the other side and develop feelings of lack.

Trading misrepresentations in advertisements lure novices into believing 100X, and our egos are triggered for home-run stories.

This has brought FOMO to the forefront for many, and its power has created much demise for many aspiring traders hoping for that significant win.

Yet accurate principle-based trading is based on low risk and consistency focus. While a trading approach like this might seem less glamorous than stories about the straight flush, it moves the skill set of consistent profitability before gambling stories that might, in the best scenario, have a talk-worthy winner once in a while but overall are comprised of constantly, paying into the market and throwing good money after bad.



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