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a glimpse of silver strength

we were able in the last week to catch the weeks lows in various time frames and so far our speculation turned out correct.

Silver closed a as reversal bar nearly a dollar higher in price and as such probabilities for a follow through outweigh those of declining prices

yet overall markets closed at weekly lows and alongside with weaker gold prices on Friday silver can still be dragged down or more likely kept at bay for temporary advances

using our quad exit strategy leaves us emotionally balanced since we were able to take immediate profits and are now exposed with free money market only

Now lets zoom out to validate our assumptions of possible bullish probabilities on silver:

the monthly chart on silver shows that in comparison to the overall market last month closed on a bullish note while the S&P 500 closed at its months lows

It is this divergence(white lines) that are the first possible indication that the precious metal sector has money inflow, a relative strength inter market relationship that points towards holding on to ones runners in the larger time frame plays


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