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Advanced growth strategy

recent Bitcoin moves

it might not feel like an upleg but we advanced over 2000 points

you always wanna trade in the direction of the market:

the obvious reason would be:"the trend is your friend", ending up with an accumulation of runners from the Quad exit strategy and as such having a prosper money management in regards to catching trends

the less obvious is to force picking trades that might be at trend days for example the harder ones to trade (=steep reentries or buying the open and alike)

this is essential to not only follow ones daily call that also forces not to trade the inviting ones= fading a trend-

this way one conditions the right responses

in short always be aware in what market cycle you are (sideways, up, sideways, down) and trade accordingly

a third aspect and in the long run the most essential one is to improve your game=improve your money inflow

here is where it gets a tiny bit trickier

for most a sound barrier brakes when the time is over to be a consistent losing trader and ones account stays kinda break even or in slight green

yet many face that the system they developed is just to small an edge to have enough of a wiggle room to compensate for human errors(execution problems) which is inherently normal and needs to be accounted for

two ways lead to Rome:

improve the system

reduce execution errors

but how to go about it?

Here is a first glance:

in your weekly debrief sheet at question number 7 is a vast underlying system embedded where you can improve your performance

what you are meant to do is measure your performance against your systems performance in relationship to what the market was offering.

meaning you can only improve yourself if you have a benchmark from where to push further

So first you need to have a larger sample size of your various setups and how they perform under various market cycles

This needs to be data samples as well backtested and forward tested to have an awareness on how good your system performs

and here we are again-while this needs much more refinement the most obvious is that this data varies in up,sideways or down markets

next you need an equivalent data sample of how you perform against your system to measure of what percentage in average you need to subtract from your theoretical system at actual executed trades to reflect your human short comings

and under question 7 you now need to compare the weekly trades that your system had, how you compared against them with your execution and how these numbers are in relationship of what the market actually offered (depending on actual trade out there, range, volatility and alike)

over time with these basic functions of this system you can accurately find out if you are good at shorting the market for example or if you under perform sideways markets or have problems with leading markets-and so forth

any other way that doesn't at least consider these three factors of

sys performance

human performance

market performance

can not accurately provide a foundation for growth and a sustainable money management foundation since without a benchmark improvement is extremely difficult especially with the many variables the original problem provides

the most important part out of this habit to see how you measure up against yourself and the present market condition is an accurate picture of yourself-meaning the probability is much higher you are not ending in a slump that might be just circumstantial out of market conditions or a blend of your weaknesses in a unfortunate accumulation that might be random

in short your confidence which is your most needed trading execution tool can be severely damaged even though you didn't do a thing wrong

...and don't even know it

hopefully this shows why the primary rule sets are so essential to be followed since without following the rules of your basic daily calls and trading in the direction of the trend, variability of data becomes so vast that there is no way you can progress by pushing from benchmarks

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