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choice-the most sacred thing

If you think of it, it is 'choice' where it all starts.

Our choices are where we set the tone for our and others' future.

It is what defines and differentiates us as humans.

Our choices determine our survival and the shape we leave the planet in.

In the micro world of our destinies, the value of how we choose is no different, and in trading, beliefs that motivate our choices can be the determining factor for ruin or success.

Regarding trading success, there is a lot of talk about technical analysis, fundamentals, money management, and other apparent factors.

Still, more needs to be talked about one's choices.

One group attempting this sport is retirees. They assume that they might be successful since they had successful prior careers. Not a principle-founded assumption, and the choice to stay out of the markets for most would be much wiser.

Many choose to trade since they do not fit into a structured 9-5 routine and are looking for alternatives.

An equally large group of gamblers fool themselves for a quick way to riches and trick themselves that they pursue a profession while, in reality, engaging in kicks of emotions triggered, resulting in constant losses.

For those who take this sport seriously, many choices must be made in various aspects of the game.

The most significant one is when to trade, and I am not talking about entry or exit timing but the self-evaluation of when to attempt the breakthrough.

A breakthrough of accepting abundance, estimating one is ready to step through the needle ear with the needed foundation of proper execution and trading skills.

In sports, this timing is forced externally with competitions and alike.

In trading, timing is all self-directed and should certainly not be one of "I need money now, let's start"-a certainty for failure.

You heard the stories of the trader who wanted to be a millionaire, and on the day the seven figures$ amount was reached, he lost more than half in a single day, subconsciously motivated to do so because internally not feel worthy of having such a sum.

In short, choice is the most sacred thing and needs to be reflected upon in detail. One needs to mature through the agonies of acquiring the necessary trading skills to reach the point of choice to accept abundance, change, transformation and advance to a field of more choices. After all, acquiring more money means nothing else than having more choices and living one's life more expressed, one's choices more clearly seen by others.

In other words, your trading results are a mirror of yourself. We truly trade against ourselves, and just like it can be dangerous for a boxer to step into the ring, one should be very careful of setting the timing on when to start one training career for real.

As usual, the best advice here is to implement rules, a backup plan, and detailed logistics that provide measurable tools to create results that indicate how well one does. And it is not a dollar amount that shows one's level of success, but one's discipline to execute upon one's set rulebooks and its improvement.



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