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Consequences of unworthiness

Distorted relationships towards Money often cause self-sabotaging mechanisms manifesting in the most bizarre ways how to screw up trading execution.

Minor conditioned incantations like growing up in a household were standard sentences like:" Money is the root of all evil," "there is never enough money," or"money is dirty.", were the norm are enough to imprint dysfunctional relationships toward Money that results in the subconscious sabotaging ones trading execution to ensure losses.

The problem increases if true self-worth is damaged by the loss of a parent in the early years of one's childhood or divorce.

Children typically self-consciously take the blame for these incidences, assuming it was their fault that the parent left, resulting in a strong sense of unworthiness, which typically reflects in self-sabotaging relationships(commitment issues and leaving relationships early to avoid the pain of a partner or friend leaving them)

In trading, a lack of self-worth can cause devastating losing streaks and worse.

It requires a bit of detective work to locate possible selections in one's closet to avoid sabotaging behavior in one's trade execution.

It is essential to check and recheck all aspects that can interfere with a healthy relationship with Money and one's results.

This also applies to one's goal setting and alike.

True story, a trader set a goal to be a millionaire. The day he hit six figures, he found himself in a losing trade giving half of his profits away since a self-sabotaging mechanism set in that he is worth six figures but not a cent more...


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