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Continuation sling

as usual top down approach:

in opposition to general belief indies are specific not universal

everybody wants the holy grail and indi developers want to be famous but as much as there can be an underlying principle thread fine tuning is everything and general use most of the time useless

what does this mean?

it means you need hand backtest every edge creating tool like an indi on your choice of traded subject with each time frame and in all various market environment and you have to do that with various settings and so forth

once a significant edge extracted, you need to keep doing this work while forward testing and applying it as well since markets change

or in short always monitor and re check

the continuation sling is to be expected to work well over the next 3-6 months in the markets with the settings shown here:

we have very difficult environment in regards to low risk entries for trending intra day day types at the moment

this tool will help you isolate low risk entry opportunities on how to get into a continuation move like entries on trend days after the doldrums and alike

here the setup:

BTC daily chart:

you see the slow sto (red) in a nice downtrend straight line

from below the fast sto in white line penetrates the red line and builds a sling providing the continuation play entry confirmation

for a short entry on the price above

another example:

slow sto trending down-fast sto penetrating-turning over=and you can see we still trade sideways in price but right on the next day we break down for nice profits

one more example for shorts:

red line trending down

white line penetrating

and the next day price break

here a few long signals (same thing just in reverse):

red up, white through and build hook and next day go


red line giving you direction and white line penetrating and building a hook upwards(for longs)

one more:


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