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Crypto prep

Exiting my entire altcoin portfolio end of March, which I posted n real time at the PPT Telegram channel , was the correct move to avoid portfolio risk

most coins have losses between 50% to 70% since than (just three months)

for many coins this means that they had 100% or larger retracement for the year 2024

as such it is time to do your larger time frame analysis of prices finding themselves close to significant support zones

while there is no need to be first, opportunities start to arise for attractive pricing on some of those portfolio candidates a monthly POC (VWAP point of control) look through the altcoin universe:

asf while this might seem a crude way of looking through a portfolio and weighing its candidates for a pre-selection of strength and in which order and size to re accumulate a portfolio, if done so with a rating system of all your filters and with various look back periods and time frame settings you can just like with the daily call come to an improved guide on starting a plan on when and in which order and how much you might reconsider to build a new initial holding of altcoins if so desired the most important outcome of such laborious of an exercise is to be in a clear state with a plan in an anticipatory way should the crypto market turn for an surprising up leg instead of finding yourself in a reactionary way of FOMO chasing less than ideal(=high risk) emotional entries always be prepared

(a first glance through the altcoin universe through the POC lens shows that the majority of coins finds itself at critical support levels that if broken could mean another wave of bears controlling the short term environment)



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