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Entry timing criteria

what kind of rationale is behind this trade? I mean what has been your entry criteria to time it? With regards to the timeframe is suppose it is a weekly play. Can you please elaborate a bit more on the system?

I will answer this question in a principle based manner so you can integrate possible useful parts into your own system

1.what kind of rationale is behind this trade?

I have a general top down approach in all my trading system

this trade was selected much down in the tier group trade since i was top down focused on:

PM as a group with high probability large time frame turning point

(if you scroll back you will find me prepping silver and gold trades already quite a few days prior to entries)

within PMs my main priority was silver, then gold

Then typically at least three time frames need to be on their way before I look at stock or oth3erwise related vehicles like the one mentioned

from the gold sector with me focusing next to futures on these four other objects:

EQX was the most attractive

this is determined by lowest risk aspect

lowest risk is determined by stacking odds and comparing each individual instrument with the sum of each instruments evaluation of their prospect stacked edges

2. what has been your entry criteria to time it?

timing in this case was less important to me since positioning and first silver and than gold throughout 5-6 time frames super ceded EQX

In addition these low priced items need less timing but risk is rather mitigated by position size and detailed MAE (maximum adverse excursion) analysis with slightly wider stops

In this case price analysis out raked other methods in entry criteria

this was based on the daily inside bar/doji which allowed for risk control expecting a strong opening so the stop was set to previous day lows

3. With regards to the timeframe is suppose it is a weekly play

That is correct

My screenshot software for most instruments traded is paired through a macro with my execution platforms-This means when i execute i look at my execution time frame and it gets on the screenshot picture


If i look to go long an instrument with a daily setup, I look at a weekly time frame for guidance if i do not trade against the larger players and at a 60 min time frame to finetune my exit

Once i hit the button to execute my trade it takes a picture of the execution time frame which is always one time frame below the setup time frame

This way pictures of the entry get sent as close to real time as possible which allows for the best way to eliminate doubt of observers that there is any way to cheat

since there are so many services out there who tell nothing but lies and falsify performance this was the goal since doubt is one of the biggest obstacles for traders who need to gain confidence for their execution skills

This channel doesn't aim in encouraging shadow trading quite the contrary since that is no way for freedom which is a our goal which acquiring these skills but merely to proof that good performance and consistency is in fact possible

so a weekly time frame screenshot is monthly play

a daily time frame screen shot is a weekly play

a sixty minute time frame is a daily play ...

4. Can you please elaborate a bit more on the system?

I cut prismatically through turning points, this means the time component is analyzed in more scrutiny than in classical TA commonly known

in general i have made it my business to extract trading principles that aren't known yet-this sounds more fancy than it is-You basically need to creatively look at the market from various angles to see a new edge that you can exploit

but for this specific trade you do not need sophisticated tools to create an edge so let me share simple TA edges that i stacked to make this worth while a low risk play to add to my PM exposure

four legs down:

(statistically a valid time to look for a bounce)

gap suction for closing the break away gap:

inside bar pointing toward uncertainty and possible reversal:

big number held "$3" with semi washout doji:

any momentum indicator that's half way decent will show you in this chart a possible reversal reading

in our case its a CCI reading at -200:

the list is long and most of those edges are in

higher time frames

inter market relationships

the sector

and edges within the specific object

for example:

check out red bars versus green bars in this object and you will find an statistical edge that rarely 4 red bars in a row are exceeded and a possible bounce can be expected-the only edge we really need to get financed


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