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"It Ain't Over 'til It's Over"

Don't give up too soon; there may still be a chance to succeed. Various forms of the saying have been attributed to professional baseball manager Yogi Berra.

A principle that certainly applies to trading the markets.

In effect, a trader is nothing but someone who finds solutions to a seemingly endless chain of problems.

Whatever works comes to mind as well.

All creative approaches that get closer to a smooth chain of processes are passable for success—only the outcome matters.

One such thing is the cornix bot.

This application allows the astute trader to condition appropriate responses to the market at a reasonably low cost.

Every trader needs to overcome obstacles like running stops, not cutting your winners short but rather losses, and in our specific case, execute a quad exit with multiple exits satisfactory to one's preset exit targets.

Typically using actual execution as a strategy to condition correct execution behavior is costly.

Take the ES futures contract with a typical $3 per side commission and a tick worth $12.50, applied to a minimum of 4 contracts on a, let's say, small stop of 12 ticks(= three points), which results in an individual trade risk of $624-not helpful to eliminate fears if a few hundred test trades are needed to remove some unwanted behavior.

In the crypto world, where commissions are tiny and trading size can be reduced to risking less than a dollar per trade, the cornix tool is a very affordable bot that can help a trader to achieve one's goals.

For example, after entry, you can walk away and enjoy your day rather than sit in agony watching every print of price action and tempted to make your targets tighter and your stop wider. You will be forced to set your targets before an entry, which is appropriate, versus compulsive market participation, where one finds out later that risk-reward ratios are inappropriate for a trade. You will learn to economize your energies and possibly walk away from gambling habits like getting your emotions rattled by the uncertainty of a random outcome. You can condition the dissipation of entry and exit execution fears and focus on anticipatory behavior versus market-triggered reactionary behavior. You can counter fomo fears. Literally, the applications are endless.

Any bot will do that allows for complex OCO order placement and has functionality for executing the quad exit strategy.

We are not advocating bot execution or taking on API risks for third-party servers but merely suggesting a low-cost method in a minimally funded training account with a bot application to condition proper responses towards the market to overcome seemingly unsurmountable obstacles like running stops and inappropriate thinking and execution of complex trades.

There are massive side benefits in applying automation tools, like freeing energies to observe more markets and make more trades when leaving exits to a machine. "Set it and forget it" comes to mind.

In general, we wanted to illustrate that any ideas on how to shorten the learning curve and appropriately support one's progress in intelligent market behavior are to be sought out.

The learning curve in trading is steep, long, and exceptionally cruel, but Yogi Berra was right when he birthed: "It Ain't Over 'til It's Over."



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