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It's not what you get. It's what you become

We talked about how trading is all PROCESS, PROCESS, PROCESS, and that is true, but something even more critical precedes this principle.

There are no intermittent rewards.

You literally can't focus on the money in this game; otherwise, you constantly think there is not enough, and "mind creates matter"-it will manifest whatever you focus on, and if you focus on there not being enough, you will get more of that.

Before their breakthrough, most traders run out of money, so how do you break the no-win cycle?

Like life, trading molds you, shape you, peels the onion, and exposes your weaknesses.

Truly driven personalities do not think about failure, do not think about shortcomings, and have less fear and doubt they struggle with.

They are compelled to follow their passion.

They succeed because of their absence of counterproductive thinking toward their goals.

Internally they have understood that it is not what you get, it is what you become, which is meaningful, it is the skill itself that is the true reward, and monetary rewards are a mere reflection of the mastery of that skillset.

In times when money has become a religion, it is that much harder to acquire trading skills since the mental burden to succeed is that much more weighing on the novice. One not only needs the money to make a living but also all the other glory that is promised by the society that financial abundance is supposed to provide, where in truth, it doesn't.

What counts is what you become.

It is just sometimes hard to see while on the journey.


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