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Monthly Debrief

from a daily perspective, this last for4cats for bitcoin is still a short term play:

but these last3 weeks have not felt like a typical short environment at all in bitcoin but were littered with larger than 100% retracement for the bears which made it very hard for them to make lower prices stick

the weekly chart sheds some light on where momentum resides-look at at ZLR makeup-we haven't had one of those for a while:

leading to the monthly time frame wich has a notion of a topping pattern but please note the opportunity risk being marginally small versus ample possible rewards-should a news item or otherwise participation get the bitcoin price just a little up we might see one of those typical bitcoin runs where a 20% run is in, in no time:

(so the actual HTF risk is to the to the downside not the upside)

(=30k is still magnet)

for the ES the monthly call is a bit easier than bitcoin, after a near straight run with little breathing the approached wide double top should serve as a successful distribution zone and lead us to a final month of advancements temporarily and a s such no low risk entry zone for long term players

instead if pursued by the long side a temporary summer pause until highs got rejected and we find a way to fade the retracement is a more suitable entry for bulls if risk control is their dominant trading factor:

silver finds itself near the magnet number 25 again and at distribution levels

yet the way price approaches here directional resistance, points towards strength, and silver prices might just make it this time for a push through

the quarterly picture shows the more difficult overhead a couple prince points higher:

gold confirms silvers strength

while the double top "guaranteed" a significant leg down,

now the tipple top has cracked the ceiling and prices already bounced after a quick breather bouncing at VPOC:



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