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Never ending challenges

So far, markets have behaved as anticipated.

Our zoom-out approach allowed for gauging market participants' behavior in the various time frames.

Last week we warned that small time frame players might get stretched by battles happening in larger time frames.

It makes entries in smaller time frames more complicated due to volatility and chop.

Zooming out and taking monthly entries on 10/13/2022, which allows for wider stops, and the gold entry on Friday close were adjusted entry methodologies to participate without violating our extreme risk control model.

When I started in the early nineties with my trading, I struggled for fifteen years to constantly develop after the market variability(sideways up, up, sideways, sideways down, down).

The next market cycle started when I was finished creating an edge for a specific market.

I realized one needs not just one trading system but for each market behavior a different system.

Once I had completed that task, I found myself yet in another struggle: time frame variability of risk due to the overlay of yet another cycle, which is different market player participation in the markets.

Again I had made a mistake in focusing on a specific niche of time frames but found myself trapped when that time frame was under "attack" when more prominent players had their battles.

At this point, I worked for years on cutting through turning points prismatically and figuring out how to master entry timing within the various time frames and market cycles to yet again find solutions for minimizing risks.

Markets in their expansion and variability, but mostly their high degree of variables, will never seize to challenge me, and I consider them, therefore, the ideal work environment to never be bored and the most creative work field that will never lose my interest to be challenged to become a better person than I used to be.


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